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How It Works

1. Post what you no longer need or use


Fill out the form after you decide what you will be donating and take a picture. Instead of throwing things out or donating to Businesses, you will have the chance to meet the person you are actually donating your items to. You will know where your donations will go. keep in mind that every little thing counts, small or big. Giving to the community is what everyone should be doing, you never know when you will be next to see next rainy days. One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Treasure.

Lets Donate!

2.Lets Donate

We think this is a great step towards humanity as this platform allows people to give back. This website is completely free to use for everyone. Browse through your communities to find things that you need, People will contact you in order to pick up the items that you have available. Thank you for supporting us.

You can contact us at anytime if you have any questions here you can filter locations and type of Donations you are interested in
Lets Begin!

3. Tell Your Friends

This website will simply not be awesome unless people come to use it so make sure you tell your friends about BigSteps.ca

Signing up and helping your community come together is just just as easy. Dont throw things away or pile up things in your house when someone can put them to use.

Welcome to Big Steps

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